Isolating Amplifiers

The chapter isolation amplifiers deals exclusively with potential-isolation amplifiers equipped with three-way isolation.

They are designed to ensure a precise signal isolation of standard signals and a galvanically isolated signal conversion. The bipolar isolation amplifiers are available as both, applications to be mounted on DIN-rails and 19” panel.

Isolating Amplifiers, bipolar, adjustable range, supply 24Vdc VM 130 – VM 139
Isolating Amplifiers, bipolar, adjustable, supply 19Vdc…255Vac VM 280 – VM 288
Isolating Amplifiers, unipolar, supply 19Vdc…255Vac VM 180 – VM 189
Isolating Amplifiers, with sensor supply 20V…30Vdc, supply 19Vdc…255Vac VM 240 – VM 247
Isolating Amplifier, bipolar, adjustable range, supply 19Vdc…255Vac VM 310 – VM 314
Isolating Amplifiers, unipolar, calibrated switchable inputs and outputs VM 380
Separation Amplifiers, 1 Ch. / 4 Ch., 19” Europe card VE13 + VE14